Style Guide

This is the summary of the ticket, and will ideally match the Long Description from the notification used in the ADMIN App


Step by step guide to [ add / update ] to [something/ tours / users / sites / orgs etc] via the [ list which ResPax App ]

  1. Log into Confluence and select the HOW TO space

  2. Select Create to start a new page

  3. Search for ‘how’ and select the How-to articles template from the right hand side

  4. Give the page a descriptive name and try to include NEW or UPDATE in the title. If there is a button in the application with a specific name, try to use the exact same name for the page or section title. Add appropriate labels to assist in searching

  5. When screenshotting a section, tab or window of the application, use this blue as the border : #0080C0

  6. When highlighting a section or call to action within the screenshot use this green outline : #008000

    For example, the blue border outlines where in the app you will find this (Optional Extras), and what’s within the green border is what the instructions refer to (Display Availability of extras)

  7. Within the Confluence UI, use the default blue and green colours available in the Text Colour selection

For references to field names use bold green


Use INFO bar for extra information or more detailed information. Use this for NOTES also because I don’t like the purple in our documentation

Have not used NOTE bar yet. Use the above blue for NOTES.

Have not used SUCCESS bar yet




How to Use Anchors

  1. Go to the location that you want to anchor to. I suggest going up 2 blank lines if possible which seems to make the start point of the page nicely positioned. ( this is a ResPax suggestion, not Confluence Suggestion)

  2. Type slash '/' followed by anchor without spaces

  3. This will add the anchor to the page, and display a target form.

  4. Enter the anchor text that you want to use when referencing the url, org_erms.