How to make reservation/booking?

Reservations are made through our booking form. It can be accessed via the Toolbar icon and the Reservations menu. 

How do I search for a reservation?

Bookings can be search via the search tool which can be accessed via the Toolbar icon and the Reservations menu

How to record the source of the reservation?

A field on the booking form allows source to be selected from a pre-defined list

  • How to select source
  • How to set up Source Look ups
  • Source booking form and Resweb+

How to record the agent on the reservation?

The booking form allows fast lookup to assign agent to booking

  • F2 lookup and type ahead search
  • How to add agents to database


How to record the agent sales person against the reservation?

-          Look up field, as well as a free type field.

  • How to add sales/res staff to organisation
  • How to search for passengers in Agent Ref field


How to record agent voucher number related to the reservation?

-          The booking form has a free text type field to enter the agents reference/voucher number

  • How to search using agent reference/voucher number


How to record travel date on booking?

-          Type in or select date from calendar


How to record Passenger details?

-          Booking can record First Name, Last Name (Compulsory) email and phone number

-          Extra fields also available

  • Pencil options

-          Multi pax

-          Searching for past customers


How to add products to the booking?

-          Bookings can holding multiple products (tickets) as well has extras (Optional Extras) for each products

-          Adding products can be done with a lookup or type ahead search

-          When products are added to the booking, ResPax looks at the ticket level down through the tours components and buses, to check availability.

-          Booking form can show the number of spaces available

  • How to amend the booking form grids


How to modify reservations?

-          Bookings can be easily modified. Reservation details including but not limited to travel date, agent and pax numbers.

-          Any details that have been amended are recorded in an audit trail


How to apply a discount or promo to a reservation?

-          Bookings can be discounted two ways

  • Option 1 – Create a discount option in Lookups. This allows a name or promo code (for internal use only, no option for web promo codes) date range in percentage only
  • Option 2 – Other Sell/Other Levy in ticket line


How to add Reservation upgrades?

-          Bookings can have upgrades added as Optional Extras   

  • How to add optional extras to tours


How to add notes to Reservations?

-          The booking form allows booking notes in several areas

  • Diary notes -  These notes can pop up on bookings upon opening, set as tasks (Actions) by staff to be completed by a date, set as a reminder for staff to follow up information eg payment
  • General Comment – Can be set against the total booking (adhoc level) Ticket level, component level and optional extras. These notes are generally used for internal notes and to be shown on internal reporting such as manifests
  • Voucher Comment - Can be set against the total booking (adhoc level) Ticket level, component level and optional extras. These notes are generally used for external customer reports – such as voucher


How to add pricing to reservation?

-          Pricing is configured through the tour set up process, which then automatically generates the price in the reservation

  • How to add basis and subbasis leading to adding price matrices


How to override reservation prices?

-          Reservation sell price can be manually overridden by using Other Sell field in the booking form. This field allows you to add or minus a dollar amount. The other sell field will also change the commissionable amount

Other Levy field allows you to add or minus a dollar amount without effecting the commissionable amount


How to manage a reservation status?

-          ResPax allows bookings to be Confirmed, Cancelled, Quote and Tentative

  • Different colours showing on search results
  • What each status does

-          Payment lines locking and colours


How to search for a booking

-          ResPax has an extensive search criteria, ranging from Confirmation Number, Name, Agent, product, booked and tour date


How to amend a reservation

-          Bookings can be amended up until they have been archived


How to upgrade a booking

-          Bookings can be upgraded by using Optional Extras

  • Upgraded without additional commission associated to original agent
  • Payment can be paid by another agent or directly

How to cancel a booking

-          Bookings can be cancelled at anytime

  • Different ways to cancel a booking in ResPax


How to make/record payments

-          ResPax has many payment options with flexibility of adjusting payment amounts (Deposits/Partial/Full)

-          Reports allow for revenue to be recoginised on day of travel


How to set up payments

-          ResPax has payment gateway interface with Securepay (ResPax and Resweb+ Payments) and PayPal (Resweb+ only)

-          We do not currently have a system set up for Direct Debit, but we have a direct debit payment option which is manually entered in to the booking


Sending confirmations

-          Confirmation reports can be customised to produce confirmations with all information needed for the passenger

-          These confirmation are automatically generated but not automatically sent from ResPax. We allow the user to send the confirmation to passenger or agent.

-          Passengers/agents can be sent up to 3 different attached reports to a confirmation email


Template emails

-          Template emails can be set up in ResPax by our Reports Team.

  • Template emails for Confirmation and Bulk Communication Tool


Sending Invoices

-          Invoice reports can be customised to produce invoices with all information needed for the passenger

-          These invoices are automatically generated but not automatically sent from ResPax. We allow the user to send the invoice to passenger or agent.


How can I set up online bookings through my website

-          ResPax has an online booking system Resweb+ The booking system allows the general public and agent to make bookings through the online portal and make bookings directly in to your database

-          Resweb+ pulls live availability and prices from your database

-          Resweb+ also has operator, crew and staff logins to view bookings and manifests


Online Agent bookings

-          ResPax has two online options for Agent bookings

  • Resweb+
  • RON


How to set up tours

-          ResPax has extensive tour maintenance. It can handle from the most simple set up to a multiple day itinerary

-          ResPax allows unlimited tour set ups

-          Customisable tour packages

-          Manage prices and commissions

-          Bus pickups and drop offs

-          Create unique alphanumeric tour codes

-          Add Tour name, description, geographic location, departure times etc

-          Assign GL Codes


How to set availability on products

-          ResPax has an extensive availability set up

-          Allows date range, day of week and time based availability

-          Availability can be set against the tour, its components and the bus routes attached. ResPax system looks at all areas of the tour set up to determine availability


How to set pricing structures

-          ResPax has an extensive price matrix set up

-          Allows prices to be set up by date range, day of week, passenger type, basis and subbasis, Agent and agent categories

-          Add Sell, Cost, Levy and GST free


Managing Special prices

-          Special prices can be set up with a fixed value or percentage off retail and can be set for an individual agent or group of agents

  • Discounts
  • Other Sell
  • Other Levy
  • Prices by Agent code, Type and Category

-          Agent groups are defined by authorised users of the system

-          The agent specific pricing takes precedence over retail price sets


Creating Agents

-          Create as many agents in ResPax as needed. Set up their profile with an Agent Code, Agent name, Credit Status, Base Commission level, contact details

-          Internal account manager or sales person can be assigned to agents

-          Agents can be configured in a hierarchy which can be reported on individually or consolidated

-          Contacts for agent can be set up against the agent to provide individual contact details and job role


Searching for agents

-          When creating a booking, a list with search function is available to add to reservation

-          When searching for bookings, search by booked agent function available

-          When searching for agent various options to search. Code, Name etc


Amending or deactivating agents

-          Authorised users can amend agent details

-          Authorised user can disable agents and all historic data is kept


Managing Agent commissions

-          Commissions for agents can be set on a number of levels

  • Base commission set against agent profile
  • Tour based commission
    • Set against tour, basis, subbasis, date range, passenger type, commission as percentage or dollar amount
    • Commission can also be set against the bus price and optional extras in the same way


Manage Agent Payment Terms

-          Payment terms are applicable to individual agents including deposit and full agent

-          Payment terms include full payment prior to travel, payment by passenger, or credit through a future date following travel


Create a quote

-          ResPax can create quotes for bookings and charters. The quote does not hold availability but does price the booking


Managing check in

-          ResPax is used everyday for checking in passengers for their tours

-          Bookings can be looked up via a manifest (printed or online), opened by confirmation number, using a barcode in the search field, a list of passenger found by tour code

-          Check in tick for a booking or tour component

-          Amending passenger details at check in

-          Upselling tour products at time of check in

-          View and accept payments (Colour coded payment lines)

-          Print boarding passes

-          Print Vouchers

-          Updated manifests for vessels after check in is completed



-          ResPax has over 100 standard reports available for use. These reports range from daily reports, sales and accounting

-          All reports are customisable

-          New reports can be created with our reports team

-          Reports can be previewed within ResPax, printed, emailed and exported


Financial Integration

-          ResPax can connect with many accounting packaging software


Ticketing/Reservation Systems Integration

-          ResPax currently has reservation integration with Viator, Website Travel, Aoliday.com, Veltra, Student travel and others based in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

-          A publicly available API is available to allow third party reservations and ticketing systems to develop an interface to make bookings directly in to ResPax (RON)


Role Based Security

-          Users can be set up with individual permissions or added to a user group that control permissions and access to areas in ResPax